Quick introduction


First, bit of background story. Anyone who’s friends with me (there’s one or two people) knows I love to travel. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for pretty much all my life, and bit by bit I’m slowly making my way through this beautiful world of ours. My first experience traveling completely on my own started in South East Asia after I graduated from university and gained the very much wanted freedom to do whatever I wish. Eventually, after two and abit months, I came back home. Attempted to do the proper grown-up thing and get a job, failed at it, long story short, I packed my bag again and set off to Morocco. The initial week-long trip turned into a three month stay, during which I worked in a hectic but amazing hostel, spending most of my days socialising with other travellers and maintaining the healthy lifestyle of smoking sheesha, drinking beer and surfing. Eventually, I came back home once more. Now this time I did manage to get a job, however even before that happened, I felt like I needed to go away again and soon.

You’re kind of beginning to see a pattern here. I can’t really sit in one place for too long. So just for fun I applied to a few volunteering companies and………

I’m currently buried among paperwork and bureaucracy of finalising my next adventure- teaching English in Colombia. Yep, you read it right.

A Lithuanian.

Teaching kids English.

In South America.


(Accurate reflection of my current state)

So far the plan is: teach in Colombia for a year –> successfully finish my placement (pray for me) –> travel all of South America. Simple. But anybody who knows me in the slightest, will know that nothing ever goes according to my planning. And I don’t particularly plan much in general. But the teaching placement is definitely happening, and I will inform about the rest when I get there.

I’m not really sure what this blog will be about or how it’ll go. Guess it’ll be an easier way of telling everyone about what I get up to during my time here, but mainly just reassuring some people I’m still alive and not married into a drug cartel (Amy, if you’re reading this, it’s addressed to you). However, there is a really high chance that I’ll get bored of doing this and just stop posting, so if that happens, don’t worry as I’m sure I’ll be safe and fine:)

It should all start in January 2016, provided I didn’t mess anything up with the paperwork and have actually got a place to go. Otherwise this is just going to make me look stupid… not like that hasn’t happened before.

Anyway, I should be getting my location placement details soon,so will probably brag about that here in a bit.


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