And so it begins

My dirty feet are on Colombian soil

It’s been a week since I’ve started living in Colombia and so far everything’s been amazing. Maybe just not the standard traveller illness that majority of us seem to have had and I was no exception. It’s not particularly fun having every single muscle in your body hurt and feel like all you wanna do is crash in your bed and die. But the worst part’s over now (hopefully) and I can continue enjoying my life here.
So there’s a couple of hundred volunteers here from 44 different countries, and I’m the only one representing Lithuania (guess I better behave myself for the sake of the country). The first week for us consisted of stressful  paperwork but we’ve all got our visas and bank stuff sorted so applause for full legal status!
Now we are in the middle of our teacher training in order to at least gives us an idea what the next year of our lives will be like. Not as simple as you may think as pretty much everyone I have talked to has given me a radically different image. It shifts from stories about how impressively advanced Colombian students are in English to how song and dance will help you teach them something as simple as the alphabet, so for now I really have no expectations on what my very first lesson will be like in the school. The one thing though everyone has said is do not by any means let them sense any form of weakness. That combined with a lovely presentation on safety that we had earlier in the week which cheerfully told us to fear for our lives makes me not scared at all about the fact that I just signed up for a year of living in Colombia.
Jokes aside it’s perfectly fine here. We have had some free time to explore Bogotá and it’s people and they are incredibly welcoming and helpful, especially when you attempt to speak Spanish with them. My vocab is still very rusty but I’m capable of asking for a pack of cigarettes and beer so I believe I will survive just fine and hopefully after a year here I’ll reach my goal of being at least somewhat fluent so that I can travel the rest of the continent with ease.
Our training is nearly complete and next week will be the start of the new school term for us, so I’ll give an update on how successful it was later. For now, pray for me that my students don’t rip me to shreds 🙂

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