Teacher, we don’t want homework!

It’s official, I managed to survive my first few weeks as an English teacher! I’ve been assigned 8 groups of funny, energetic and sometimes slightly destructive 9th and 10th graders. The best age gap to try and control, 15-16 year olds:/ There’s exactly 334 kids whose level of English I am expected to improve in the next year. Fun times.
However, the kids actually do pay attention to what I have to say and seem to be eager to learn, some of them anyway. The only disturbing thing is they keep writing words like illicit and extort when we’re doing vocabulary exercises but at least the spelling is correct so let’s celebrate the little victories.
There is a distinct pattern among the students. They all know their colours, animal names, food and sports. Complex grammar structures- not so much. Oh, and they all have incredibly neat notebooks. We’re talking “multi-coloured-underline and doodle everything-draw pie charts-I really like to waste time so I don’t have to do the vocab exercises” sort of neatness. And their answer to every question I have is “yes”.

Did you do your homework? Yes.
Did you copy that off a friend? Yes.
You have no clue what I’m saying do you? Yes.

However, they bombard me with their own question. All of them are curious as to where Lithuania is on the map, if it actually is a real place, what do I like Colombia, how well do I speak Spanish, if I’m married(?!) and if I like soccer.
Overall, even with the complete and utter chaos that can sometimes be my work day, I do sincerely enjoy teaching. At the end of the day, the kids make it worthwhile:)

Me and a small fraction of the army of students I have to teach

In other news, I had my very first police search at a park today. It sounds like I’m looking forward to more, but that’s really not the case. It’s an interesting and bizarre experience when you’re just sitting on a bench day dreaming, minding your own business when suddenly a police woman approaches you, asks for ID and then frisks you down as her colleagues try to say your surname in the mean time (my blog title proves me right).
There’s an adventure waiting for you on every corner here, and that’s exactly why I love living here. Till the next update boys and girls:)

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