Because reasons

There are days, like in any respectable work environment, where you have them free. Considering that I have to wake up for work at 5am, these days are heaven when told in advance. And then there are days when I rush to get to school and find out I have nothing to do. So I decided it might be fun to share some of the explanations I get as to why I have no work.

I present to you…………

List of reasons why teacher Judrė sometimes doesn’t have class at Colegio Nacional San Simón:

  1. Woman’s Day that ends up being celebrated three days in a row.
  2. Theatre event.
  3. The bell ringer doesn’t ring the bell, therefore class does not happen.
  4. Raising of the school’s flag.
  5. The school has a recycling awareness day.
  6. The school has a water awareness day.
  7. Basically any awareness day.
  8. Other teachers feel like their subject is more important therefore they will not leave the class for you.
  9. Men’s Day celebration, because equality.
  10. A nun in the school decides that taking about religion is important enough to cut an hour of my class.
  11. A DJ appears at school and starts to entertain the kids which results in me not having an hour of class.

To be continued…


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