Exploring Paisaland


It’s the merry month of May and we had our first puente, or bank holiday here in Colombia, and like any time off we get here, we spent it traveling. This time our destination was Medellín. Located in the mountaineous department of Antioquia, it is the second biggest city in Colombia. The ambience of the city reminded me a lot of Bangkok for some reason, and after spending the long weekend here, I could easily picture myself living here. 

We found a lovely hostel in El Poblado, the touristy barrio of Medellín, and later went on a walking tour around the city. Our tour guide Camilo, enthusiastic and lovely guy, showed us around and told us tales, both good and bad, about the history of what just a few decades ago was the most violent city in the world. The one thing that really fascinated me is that paisas, or people from this region are very proud of their heritage and have worked extremely hard to shake of the shadow of their dark past that, sadly, most people to this day still associate with Medellín and Colombia in general.

After the walking tour we decided to  take a ride on the metro and cable car to admire the panoramic views of this 3 million people city (same number as the population of Lithuania which makes me realize just how tiny my homeland is).


A small section of a huge and beautiful city
 The next day we were of to one of the main attractions in Antioquia which is Guatapé, a small, colourful toy-like village about two hour away from Medellín. It is also know for La Piedra del Peñol, a massive monolith that was formed millions of years ago and has a 360 degree view of lakes and forests that surround the area. More than 2000 meters high, it requires climbing 740 steps to reach the top but the view you get to see is absolutely worth it.


Cousin It on tour
Along with getting cultured, we also had our time to enjoy Medellín’s nightlife since El Poblado is packed with restaurants, bars and clubs. 

I’ll definitely be returning to Medellín. Having only seen a small fraction of this city, I still have a lot to explore and experience. Next long weekend?…

As always, more pictures can be found here, go and judge my photography skills📷

Until next time!


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