All hail English

We have vacation yet again!!! The final big trip we can make before our contract ends here in Colombia in November. A few friends and I are hitting up the coast for some sun, fun and sand. However, we had a big even coming up before our departure- Día de Inglés. That’s right, not only do I get to teach English, I get a whole day to honour it aswell. The theme we got given this year was environmental awareness. My 9th graders made informative posters about endangered flora and fauna, and 10th and 11th did projects on water and air contamination, mining issues, deforestation and others.

The day was chaotic, rainy, missing various components, but oh God was it fun. Elena and I got to make a speech introducing ourselves (jk, everyone knows who we are *Beyonce hair flick*) and discussing the importance of learning English. That was followed by singing, dancing and kids presentations about environment. One of my 11th graders gave a moving speech about peace which, following the surprising NO vote for the referendum to end the war with FARC, is more important now than ever. Regarding that subject, I obviously understand why people voted YES, but I also fully justify the reasons for wanting to vote NO. I’ve heard compeling arguments from children to adults and in the end all I can say that it’s such a complex and deep issue that will take a long time to resolve and do everyone justice. 

Switching the tone to a more positive one, Elena and I then performed a song with 8th grade. Yep, we SANG Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” in front of the entire school. I personally laughed more than I sang but that was one of the most entertaining experiences here in San Simón. And we got compliments, so either we actually weren’t that bad, or the students have really picked up on the sarcasm lessons we’ve been exposing them to. Win-win both ways. 

And last but not least, we made a nice little surprise. We wanted to leave something for the school to remember us by, so we decided to plant a tree each as a momento from the time we spent here. There might have been an accidental shovel handle snap on the process, but the trees ended up in the ground. If I ever return to Ibagué, or even Colombia, it would be nice to see it flourishing. My students promised to guard it forever, so we’ll see…


Proud teacher-plant owner
And with that, English day was over. My bag is packed, I’m tired, but very happilly sitting on the bus on my way to Cartagena. Some final “See/Do” stuff ticking before I finish the programme and leave Colombia in search of new horizons. See you in a week😊

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