A good bye to a good year


The last sunset of 2016

I’ve always disliked New Year’s Eve. There always used to be this pressure of having a balling celebration to kick of the year with friends and family. And normally I’ve always complained that the entire year has been a bit crap, so there’s no point in festivities. However, this end of year is slightly different. I finally did what I’ve always wanted to do, and celebrated Christmas and New Year’s on a beach surrounded by heat, the ocean, sand and palm trees.

Even though it started to rain here at midnight, that did not stop the traditionally carried out bonfires from being lit, people came out on the main street, hugging each other, singing, laughing and dancing. As the clock struck 12, we were swimming in the ocean, letting the waves wash out the last pieces of the passing year.

 Now that I look back on it, 2016 was a good year personally. Alot has changed. I’m definitely not the same person that relatively randomly decided to fly half way across the world into South America to teach English a year ago. However, my craving to explore and keep constantly moving has not gone away. Currently I’m very happily volunteering at a hostel on the beautiful coast of Ecuador, but in a couple of days I’ll be packing my backpack again and heading off further south. It’s time. As much as I love Mompiche, there are other places waiting for me. And, sadly, visas are not valid forever aswell.
I’ve always justified my love for travel as a way of hopefuly finding a place to eventually settle down in. And that so far has not happened. For some unexplainable reason I’m being drawn to head to Chile. I should be there around this time next year, after stopping at Peru and Bolivia along the way. However things unravel, I hope that in 2017 I’ll tick off everything that I want to see in these places before embarking on whatever adventures await for me down south. That’s my personal wish for myself. And for the rest of you lovely people out there, I hope the upcoming year is better than ever. That you get to complete your goals and dreams. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, I hope you finally get the opportunity to accomplish it. I hope you get to laugh, eat good food, drink fine wine, write, paint, take photographs, exercise, work, travel, have wonderfully ridiculous as well as seriously deep conversations, meet amazing people, relax, love and just simply enjoy life.

And for all of you similarly restless souls out there, I hope you get a chance to satisfy those cravings of wander in 2017. I hope you have amazing experiences that will forever pleasantly haunt you and give you the courage to pack your bag again and go into the unknown and find whatever it is you might be looking for.

Happy New Year everyone.

Love, Judrė

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