Dear ….,


Mompiche, ECUADOR

January 4th, 2017

Dear ….,
I hope all is well with life back home. I’m writing because I just had one of the most amazing experiences here in Ecuador.

We had a full town power outage here in Mompiche tonight. It actually was kind of nice, sitting by candle light,surrounded by peacefulness and random nature sounds. I did, however, get abit bored by the end of the night, so I decided to go for a night swim. And the timing could not have been more perfect.

I got to the ocean and after swimming and being tossed around by waves, I noticed something that struck me with awe. It was plankton. Every touch I had with the water resulted in a sparkling trail of these illuminating little creatures, it was as if someone had broked a jar of fairy dust in the water. So there I was, in complete darkness and refreshings waters, with the magic and beauty of nature at my fingertips. It was incredible.


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