Time to continue  down the coast


De Mompiche, con amor
I am back on the road again. I spent the last three weeks volunteering in a hostel in Mompiche, and the time had finally come for me to put my backpack on and carry on South. I honestly did not want to leave, I kept postponing my trip and just volunteering extra days, which my boss didn’t mind in the slightest. I really did fall in love with that tiny charming fishing village. It gave me an amazing Christmas and New Year’s celebration, delicious seafood, fresh mangoes, a full town power outage, ocean waves whose sound put me to sleep at night, gorgeous sunsets, an earthquake, bonfires on the beach, magical plankton during night swims, intolerable heat, rain and, even though it was quite frugal with it, a sky sparkling with stars.
But that’s the harsh reality about traveling; you go somewhere, settle down, become attached and then, for whatever circumstances occur, you have to eventually know when to say goodbye.

As I was leaving Mompiche, I bumped into Pitt, a Spanish guy that worked in the first hostel I stayed at. We chatted for abit before it was time for me to get off the bus, and he asked one final question; “And you leave happy?”

And you know what, yes. Absolutely. I was abit sad to leave, but I could not have been happier that I got to experience all that I did in Mompiche. That’s what’s most important, right? To leave with happy memories.

If you ever find youself passing though this special part of Ecuador, give this place plenty of time. Trust me, no one comes here for just one night.


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