Dear ….,

I have this thing with a few of my friends where whenever I experience a moment that is profoundly beautiful, magical and in all other ways special, but I experience it alone, I sit down and write them an email, trying to elegantly describe exactly what I felt at that very second. These are some of the moments that make me fall in love with the country I am traveling, and as I was randomly re-reading one of these emails, I thought why not share it on here, since these are quite magnificent and personal memories that make me happy and warm inside. And I hope they make you feel the same. 


Latacunga, ECUADOR
December 4th, 2016

Dear ….,
I’m off to do a 3 day self-guided trek to a volcano crater to see an impressive lagoon, but before I do that I wanted to share a really nice moment I had in the starting town. First of, I made my way from Baños, which is the adventure capital of Ecuador, to Latacunga where I would start my hike. As it is quite typical for me, everything went according to ‘plan’. The bus didn’t go directly to Latacunga terminal which is what I assumed. We passed Latacunga, I shouted that I needed to get there, the guy stopped the bus on the side of the road, and I had to wait like a traveling gremlin for a local colectivo.

But moving on.

The town itself is quite pretty. But the thing I wanted to share the most is the views it has to offer. It’s right next to Cotopaxi volcano (I’m thinking of trekking that one aswell) as well as a few others and I was just randomly wandering the streets looking for a supermarket when I suddenly saw one at the end of the alley in the distance. I got struck with a sudden feeling of grandiosity and at the same time my own tininess compared to the volcano if that makes sense. The sky was starting to get those lovely dusk colours and a crescent moon was slighly starting to show off it’s silvery glow. It was beautifully magical. I just really wanted to let you know what I witnessed.


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